Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day – has just been celebrated this year. On this occasion, we stand in solidarity with the Jewish people in Israel and around the world, and firmly state that such tragedies must never exist again. We need to reflect on the horrors of the Holocaust, and not let them to be forgotten, since forgetfulness entails the risk of repetition. An estimated six million Jews perished alongside millions of other innocent victims, systematically murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators in one of the cruelest campaigns in history.

On the Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day, we commemorate and honour the lives lost, contemplate that unacceptable transgression of our humanity, mourn for the scattered communities, and embrace the few who have survived the Holocaust and are still with us today, continuing to embody extraordinary resilience after all these years. Having borne witness to the depths of evil, the survivors remind us of the moral obligation: “never again.” But not only on this day we remember. The history of the Holocaust is forever engraved into the history of humankind, and it is the shared responsibility of all people to ensure that the irrational crimes of the Shoah shall never be erased from our collective memory.

It is painful to remember. It is natural for human beings to want to leave the past behind. But in order to prevent a tragedy like the Holocaust from happening again, we must share the truth of that tragic period with each new generation. We should all understand that genocide can occur when hatred becomes public policy, when groups of people are dehumanized, and when ordinary people become afraid to speak out, prefering to comply or look away. The next generations should learn where those paths lead, so that they commit their hearts to the “never again” vow, like we have.

Our political party, the Alliance for the Union of Romanians, firmly embraces these principles, and affirms that our political action shall always be guided by them. The avoidance of any reiteration ever of such atrocities shall always be a moral and political imperative for us. We shall certainly support the undertaking of further in-depth historical studies of Holocaust memory, in order for those who were really guilty of committing such crimes in Romania to be rightfully blamed, and for the true responsibilities to be correctly assigned in accordance with the objectively established historical facts. Obviously, on moral as well as legal grounds, those proven to have been war criminals during the Holocaust, based on objective historical evidence, must never be glorified, but on the contrary, be formally recognized as such.

As a fundamental and overarching principle, to which we are fully and irreversibly committed, we reiterate our strong aversion to any form of anti-Semitism, both in our political action and in our statements. We understand anti-Semitism to be a terribly mistaken position to hold, condemned by reason, by the highest human feelings and considerations, as well as by the Christian doctrine of charity and compassion for all, to which we adhere, and we clearly and unequivocally reject and repudiate such a position.

With the strong assurance of this commitment,

George Simion
President of the AUR Party

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