The Alliance for the Union of Romanians Political Party

The Alliance for the Union of Romanians (A.U.R.) is a conservative political party, established in Romania in December 2019.

Core values and principles

Having obtained 10% in the December 2020 general elections, A.U.R. has become a Parliamentary party.

AUR currently has 44 Members in the Romanian Parliament (13 Senators and 31 Deputees). We have every confidence and reason to believe that, in the next elections, we shall have enough  popular support in order to govern, and that we shall also have a good number of MEPs.

The doctrine of A.U.R. is based on four pillars: faith, liberty, family, nation.

These are the core values which motivate our political action.

Pillars and core values

1. A strong emphasis on the Christian faith, and on the moral vision inspired by faith. ”Nothing without God” (Nihil sine Deo) is our belief and principle guiding our political action. Such faith has a transforming power, it can shape a rightly ordered society and a moral culture rooted in the truth about the transcendent origin and destiny of the human person.

Theologically, faith is one of the three cardinal Christian virtues, but figuratively it is a symbol of Christianity. Faith means implicitly church, tradition, and nation. Atheism is an error caused by the arrogance of those who claim that an anthropocentrical view on the universe is superior to a theocentrical one. We are against the persecution campaign to which Christianity has been subjected in the past decades. A.U.R. is opposed to the denigration of the clergy, slurring of religious symbols, and maligning the faithful who dare assume publicly their Christian commitment.

Romania is still a strongly Christian nation, and we want to keep it that way. However, it is now under an ever more intense attack by left-wing forces of a Neo-Marxian ideological extraction, seeking to implement their secularist agenda.

2. In a society shaped by a Christian moral culture, liberty can exist, both individual / personal liberty and economic liberty, but also religious and political liberty. We believe that all liberty entails both rights and clear responsibilities. The state should not put constraints or barriers obstructing the free, wealth-generating, private economic initiative. If faith, family and nation, shape one’s identity by a sense of belonging to organic entities, liberty confers dignity to this identity. Liberty is the identity of the spirit in action, i.e. an act of free assertion and manifestation of the commitments induced by faith, family, and patriotism. Freedom of speech, of thinking and acting in accordance with one’s conscience, is a sine qua non, inherent expression of the gift of free choice granted to human beings by their Creator. Without liberty there is no dignity. The state is today trying to fence freedom of expression, while claiming to fight inequalities, discrimination and hate-speech. Nothing can justify state censorship or concerted mediatic boicot. Freedom begins with the power to say ”No!”. When this power is taken away, ideological dictate takes root. Freedom of faith, of thought, of expression, of association, of movement, of initiative, are essential in a functional democracy. We support political liberty established as a parliamentary democracy.

In Romania we had 45 years of Communist tyranny, imposed on us in 1945 by the tanks of the Soviet Red Army. Having experienced a ruthless dictatorship on our skins, in our own flesh, we beware another. We know how to recognize its signs. We have grown a special sense able to detect its germs, special antennae able to capture the waves signalling its inception. We are immune to totalitarian regimes, we have developed specific anti-totalitarian antibodies. We are sadder for it, but definitely wiser. Maybe people grown in Western democracies can hardly imagine what a dictatorial system looks like, and how ruthlessly it can act toward its citizens, how it can trample on their freedom, how arbitrarily it can arrest, torture, and kill them for a slight suspicion of dissidence. We were in the Gulag once. We are warned. From this point of view, we have also something to teach those democracies.

We support economic liberty, and believe free access to economic activities is best achieved by a free trade and a free market, unburdened by cumbersome over-regulation and over-taxation, but with a stimulative fiscal regime of low taxes.

Private property should be strongly guaranteed, and government should be limited, in order to leave free scope to the free economic initiative that can create wealth and welfare.

3. We support the traditional family and family values. The family is the basic cell of any viable society, and the society needs to stimulate, support and protect the family. Just as an organism cannot stay alive unless its cells are preserved in a healthy condition, so a society can only survive if it maintains the classical pattern of the family. Primordially, naturally, religiously, morally, and bioethically, the family is made of one man and one woman. Particularly, the family needs now to be defended against left-wing political correctness, against Neo-Marxist ideological attacks, which try to destroy it under the pretext of modernization, and invoking the false flag of ”human rights”, of Western extraction.

We oppose the gender ideology (particularly the introduction of gender-ideology-based sexual education in schools), public-funded abortion and legal abortion-on-demand (except in medically warranted and other clearly-specified cases). We support the higher interest of the child, including the rights of the unborn child. We support the rights of women and equal chances for women and men, we will financially and institutionally support the counselling of pregnant women as to the medical, biological and bioethical impact of abortion, and we will economically and socially support them in order to be able to raise the child. We oppose homosexual marriage, euthanasia and medically-assisted suicide, publicly-funded trans-sexual surgery, and other Freudo-Marxism-inspired ”innovations” meant to fluidize, relativize, and eventually abolish the traditional moral paradigm and the natural, biological realities.

4. The nation is a cultural matrix that forms an organic whole. The nation and national identity are objective and complex historical, geographical, political, cultural, linguistic, spiritual, religious and psychological realities. Patriotic loyalty and love of one’s land are natural feelings, being expressed through the wish to defend and creatively affirm the national being, genius, and memory of a common historical past, and an effort of understanding, harmonization, and peaceful collaboration with the other nations, in the universal concert of mankind. These feelings are positive in nature, comprising no chauvinistic or extreme attitudes, no disregard for other nations; on the contrary, patriotism should be cultivated in a spirit of emulative admiration of all that is valuable in the cultures of other nations.

We emphasize national sovereignty, and at European level, we support a vision for a reformed European Union. We stand for a Europe of free peoples, free sovereign nations, and free markets.

The 4 pillars of our doctrine yield a precise contour of our position. AUR is a conservative party.

On the international level, AUR wants  a Europe of nations, not a federal superstaate with a unique capital, a unique government and a unique parliament. A socialist federal empire is a utopia that our doctrine cannot share. We do not believe inthe United States of Europe and shall programatically oppose such hegemonic tendencies. We are clearly against the colonization of Europe with alogenous populations. In that sense, our  doctrine  shares many points  with  the 2018 Paris Declaration of conservative intellectuals.

Our Alliance is openly against any contemporary form of marxism. Politically correct currents such as the gender ideology are disguised forms of Neomarxism under camouflage. It is difficult to have a dialogue with those  who, under the false  flag of fighting discrimination, wish to abolish every hierarchy and value built patiently and lovingly by centuries of Christian tradition.

Romania can only have one course: Europe. But a Europe whose classical values (Truth, Good, Beauty), along withthe main cultural paradigms which form itsmatrix (Greek philosophy, Roman law and the Judeo-Christian heritage) need not be reinvented. They are the heritage that  we have received, either along the lines of Western scholasticism, or of the Byzantine Patristic, ascetical and mystical tradition. We need not reinvent these foundations, we only wish to inherit a treasure whose value has been proven by centuries of enlightened Christianity. It would be tantamount to apostasy to believe that truth starts with us  and that  everything before us were just a dark desert.


Private property is an essential condition for personal liberty. It is sacrosanct and inalienable. Ownership gives you a choice, but also, implicitly, an obligation to take responsibilities. Seizing or violating property is a crime.

Low taxes: Free economic initiative should not be encumbered by over-taxation and over-regulation, but free trade and a free market are to be encouraged and supported from a fiscal and regulatory perspective.

Tradition is the living, creative heritage of a nation; it is neither a museum, nor an idol, but a treasure of experience, a guiding reference and an instrument for current action. We acknowledge the democratic legitimacy of the nation-state.

Rule of law: A just society is governed by law. Laws must be just and fair. Public powers are to be exercised based on laws. The law is to be strictly observed, and no-one must be above it.

A reformed European Union of free nations: at European level we stand for a reformed EU, a Europe of free people, free sovereign nations and free markets, closely co-operating for the common good and development.

Meritocracy means access to social, professional, political, administrative and prestigious decision-making positions based only on personal merits. Intelligence, competence, moral qualities, virtue and caracter, as well as the  effort made for the common goals and common good, are the basis for assigning organisational political responsibilities, official positions and dignities in the state to members of our political party.

Personalism: The person is unique, but it asserts its uniqueness only in relation to other persons. The structure of human nature is, par excellence, one of communion. Communion means personal interaction and sharing, as opposed to massification (reduction to a common denominator, to a meaningless number), and, to an equal extent, to individualism. The life – from the very moment of conception –, the liberty and the dignity of every person are sacrosanct.

Realism: Any political act, in order to be useful to the person and to the community, is conditioned by its adequacy to the specific reality. Realism is proper to the Christian right-wing, as opposed to left-wing social engineering, which ignores reality, while imagining and promoting inevitably distructive ideological utopias.

Spirit of sacrifice: a person’s capacity for self-giving is a measure of his love. Love means sacrificing for a felow human being, for a credo, for the common good. Nothing enduring can be built without sacrifice, and there is no love without spirit of sacrifice.

Our views descend mainly from a spiritualist vision, which categorically opposes the flat view of vulgar materialism. We are confident that the fundamental stake of our lives is a spiritual one, beyond the unilateral material progress. This position does not mean that we are against the natural pursuit of well-being by each person, but we reject the idolatry of money, considering material gain a means, not an end in itself.

AUR accepts the progress that comes in the wake of behavioral reflexes inherited from our predecessors. Our ethics is nourished by the ethos of generosity, according to the Christian saying: ”by giving you gain”.

AUR affirms the hierarchy of values ​​and apriorically rejects any flattening in the name of equality. Our conception is elitist, not populist and not demagogical. We believe in the verticality of values, not in the horizontality of mediocrity. We believe in a human nature created by  God, whose basic features cannot be changed by social engineers.

The main innovative element brought by the Alliance for the Union of Romanians to the sphere of Romanian politics is the adoption of a national, comprehensive, long-term strategy, aimed at providing political stability and economic predictability. All the proposed measures and reforms will be carried out in the context of this strategy and approached in the light of traditional right-wing political doctrines, adapted to the social, economic and geopolitical realities of the 21st century.

Goals and Objectives of the Party

The objectives of  the party are of a political nature: development of the Romanian society,  enhanced social  cohesion, restoringthe national  conscience, a functional and fairly regulated market economy, consolidating the rule of law, building a greater Romania within a strong, unified and cohesive Europe, reunification with of  Basarabia with Romania, assuming a position of a dignified European member state.


  • Personal, religious, economic, political freedom
  • Rule of law, independent and functional justice
  • Equality  before  the  law
  • Equal chances for all
  • Transparency, meritocracy, responsibility
  • A simplified, depoliticized, efficient institutional structure, based on competence
  • Assuming the reunification with the Republic of Moldova as a country project and as a priority for the national and European regional development strategy, including the security and defense perspective of  consolidating the Eastern flank of NATO
  • Free and equal vote for all Romanian citizens, regardless where they are
  • Efficient governance, bothat national and  European level, based on close cooperation between the public and the private sectors and civic initiatives
  • Free market economy
  • Respect for the private property, which is inviolable
  • Free press
  • Active citizenship
  • Protecting, promoting and sustainable exploitation of national resources, ranging from the natural and cultural heritage to human resources

AUR aims at the unification of the Romanian forces committed to serving the national interest of the Romanian people, and at coming to legislate and govern in favour of these interests.

A.U.R. supports Article 1 item 1 in the Romanian Constitution: „Romania is a national, sovereign, independent, unitary and indivisible state”. This article is often violated and subjected de facto to attacks by current political forces aiming to renounce the sovereignity of Romania through forms of internal or external federalization. AUR opposes any form of extremism and iredentism existing on the current political scene through certain organizations which do not truly represent the interests of our brothers belonging to national minorities.

Likewise, considering the territorial raptures to which Romania has been subjected, we militate for Article 1 in the 1923 Constitution concerning the national territory, and we emphasize Article 3, item 4 in the current Constitution, which specifies: ”No foreign populations may be settled or colonized on the territory of the Romanian state”.

We consider that the current Constitution of Romania is perfectible and its revision is necessary, with the exception of the these and other essential provisions.


According to the latest surveys, we have 5 million Romanians living abroad and becoming integrated in the host countries by working in the private sector, in agriculture,  in universities, hospitals, or looking after elderly persons. Most of  those who have emigrated did so in order to find an honest  job, and through their decent dignified work, have contributed to creating a better image of Romania.

AUR considers that the solution to the phenomenon of emigration can be found by:

  • encouraging emigration as a temporary phenomenon, not a definitive one;
  • providing administrative and economic support to Romanians to return home;
  • staying in touch with Romanian communities abroad, making sure they have the same rights, particularly election ones, as those living in Romania, and supporting them in preserving their cultural and linguistic identity (particularly those in the historical communities).