AUR and THE GRASSROOTS ASSOCIATION are organizing the 4th edition of the International Crisis Summit, which will take place in Bucharest, at the Palace of the Parliament, on November 18-19.

The Forum will bring together top medical experts, analysts and journalists worldwide.

Throughout the pandemic a group of well-informed and brave Professionals fought relentlessly to expose the truths – often losing (almost) everything to protect our rights and freedoms. The truths they tried to uncover were considered ‘fake news’ back then, but, more and more, they are now being broadcast as crucial ‘newly-discovered findings.

Recent statements and news stories propagated through the mainstream media indicate that we may be on the verge of a new global hysteria, and that the experiment unleashed at the end of 2019 in Wuhan is far from over.

Many of those fearless Professionals will be present at the International Crisis Summit (ICS) IV in Bucharest, Romania.
This event will present most recent data, statistics and information, our goal beeing to create a platform for advancing solutions and launching incentives to ensure that we keep our fundamental rights, and that Freedom will prevail.

*If you want to participate at the event, please fill out the registration form by November 7th, and by November 14th you will receive a message from the organizing team with instructions for your access to the Parliament.