Declaration concerning the Future of Europe – Let’s Shape Europe Together!


As a political party with a patriotic, sovereigntist, conservative orientation, in the process of affiliation to the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Party, The Alliance for the Union of Romanians upholds the joint Declaration of the European conservative parties regarding the Future of Europe and the need to reform the EU.

The course toward a European federal super-state is a course towards betraying the will of the founding fathers of the Union. Our Union was born from the will to peace and cooperation of nations of a Europe devastated by World War II. Made of countries ravaged alike by war, willing to sincerely collaborate to the mutual benefit, it was never designed as a federation meant to abolish the sovereignty of member nations.

The peoples which decided to unite in a common project did not want an empire which should impose them laws contrary to their own identity, against the grain of their own wish and tradition. The peoples of the 27 member states are the heart of this project, and they cannot be wiped out by an institutional bureaucracy in the name of cancel culture. The Union is evolving into a creature further and further away from the will of these peoples, in favour of a small pseudo-elite pursuing its own ideological agenda.

We consider that, in view of the challenges facing us, the unity of all European political conservative forces is more necessary than ever before. We share the vision of the signing parties of the Declaration, and we believe it is necessary to co-ordinate our political action and to assert our faith in a common European future shaped according to this vision, which is that of the founding fathers of the Union: a Europe of Nations.

We do not believe in a future European superstate, established on utopian federalist maximalisms. We reject the dictatorship of the “fake Europe” (in terms of the Paris Statement of 2017 – “A Europe We Can Believe In”), and we affirm that the future belongs to the “true Europe”: an “Europe des patries” which recognizes and cherishes its Judeo-Christian roots, a Europe of nation-states which only yield limited portions of sovereignty to European institutions, while preserving their own right to decide on a number of important domains, based on the principle of subsidiarity.

Indeed, Europe is fragile, and is confronting a serious demographic crisis; but the solution to this demographic disaster is a social policy encouraging people to get married, set up families and raise children, i.e. higher European birth rates, not a forced ethnical mixture and uncontrolled immigration from outside our continent. Immigrants who refuse to be assimilated and integrated into the society they have chosen to live in come with a mentality of conquerors. Giving up our own beliefs and traditions in order not to offend immigrants is as politically correct as it is morally, historically and culturally wrong. As the experience of European cities shows, assimilation policies cannot succeed because of that refusal, therefore not cutting drastically the immigration quotas from those regions would be tantamount to a cultural suicide of Europe, with the risk of an autochthonous peoples’ extinction. On the other hand, the advantages of free circulation within the Shengen area and the EU in general should be accompanied by the principle of a common sharing of the responsibility and costs of the effective control of the external borders of the Union.

It is high time for the conservative right to put aside any competition or rivalry born of vanity, hybris, ambitions or calculations linked to more convenient repositionings on the European political chessboard. It is far more constructive to unite our efforts in order to jointly reflect on this future, to participate in the process of defining the common project, to take responsibility for it in the light of our common values, and to trace the contour of concerted action.

We want a Europe of real progress, not of politically correct progressivism. We do not wish to see Europe continuing to evolve in the direction of an anarchic “open society”, of an ideological tyranny implemented through coercive measures, public rhetoric and policies marked by radical-globalist propaganda, repressive tolerance and self-destructive ideological diktat.

The Joint Declaration on the Conference on the Future of Europe approved by the Council in March 2021, the position document agreed by the Permanent Representatives Committee in February 2021 and the Strategic Agenda 2019-2024 mention the fundamental values of the EU as enshrined in the Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, but avoid precisely the principles which are the profound identity and soul of Europe.

We uphold the provision in the Declaration on the need to agree a list of inviolable competences of EU Member States and an adequate mechanism to protect them, with the participation of the national Constitutional Courts.

The real Europe is a community of nations. The Union suffers from a chronical democratic deficit because the voice of the citizens of these nations is muffled by an oppressive choir of supra-national technocrats and bureaucrats, who have instituted a de facto ideological monopoly on the dominant discourse, in the name of post-national, post-cultural and post-Christian clichés and dogmas. This choir uses the language of the complete imanentisation of all meanings in the dominant secularist culture, framed by a radically secularized moral landscape, reduced exclusively to the horizon of the finite and the immanent, and taken for granted. In this paradigm, marked by biases of the radical left, moral choices simply become life-style choices, the media and the social networks – mere channels of ideological indoctrination, and the European institutions – powerful instruments for enforcing radical leftist ideologies.

The duplicity of the radical left is to be exposed. Although camouflaged under multicultural, hollow humanitarian garments, and invoking quasi-mystical eco-vigilant simulacra and green-marketing imperatives, the radical leftist establishment is in fact defending its own arrogant power, supported by a paradoxical collusion with the interests of the huge supra-national corporations. The inclusivist vocabulary is only fuelling the consumerist inclusivism, the Neo-Marxist cultural left is merging with the extreme Neo-Liberal economic right, in a society where everything is for sale, and the mega-corporations and the market dictate everything.

The Declaration that we are hereby upholding was initiated by parties represented in the EU Parliament. AUR has no MEPs yet, but supports the values, principles and objectives stated in the Declaration. In 2024 we shall have representatives in the European legislative; thus the conservative pole will be even stronger.

The Alliance for the Unity  of Romanians  
The Alliance for the Unity  of Romanians  
Claudiu TÂRZIU

Declaration concerning the Future of Europe – Let’s Shape Europe Together!

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